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TradeTitle: Sell Powdered activated carbon
CountryName: South Korea CompanyName: SINOINFO
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 14-02-26
Supply powdered activated carbon that from South Korea, can be used in deodorization, air purification and as filter element for water purification.   Specifications like this: 1.specific surface...
TradeTitle: Buy coconut charcoal
CountryName: China CompanyName: SINOINFO
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 12-09-03
Woul like to biuld long lasting cooperation relationship, looking for coconut charcoal with 8*20 mesh. Please contact to get more detail. Thanks&Regards
TradeTitle: Sell Coconut Shell charcoal Indonesia
CountryName: Indonesia CompanyName: CV. Ham Jaya
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 12-05-27
Sell Natural size of coconut shell charcoal from Indonesia Moisture max 15% Ash max 3% Packing: PP woven bags ( 1 bags= 30Kg free 0.05Kg ) Supply ability: 200 Ton/ Monthly Best regards, Jimmy  
TradeTitle: BUY! coconut shell activated carbon
CountryName: China CompanyName: SINOINFO
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 12-05-17
1. in granule: 16-40 meshes (≥90%); ≤40 mesh(≤3%); Iodine ≥1000; hardness ≥95%; moisture ≤10%; dissovled matter ≤ 5%; ignition residue ≤5%; PH 4.5-7.5; density 0.4-0.5 2. P...
TradeTitle: buy coconut activated cabron filter element
CountryName: China CompanyName: water purification
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 12-05-02
looking for coconut shell activated carbon filter element, with iodine ≥1000, MB ≥ 9.0ml/0.1g, intensity ≥94%, density 0.45-0.55g/ml, moisture 10% max, PH ≥5.5-6.5, ash 5% max. monthly us...
TradeTitle: Buy!
CountryName: China CompanyName: Activated Carbon Plant
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 10-12-23
we would like to buy South Korean and Japanese coconut shell waste from drinking water purification, 20-40 mesh, consignment at Tianjin port. large quantity are required. welcome direct contact! Mr.Ge...
TradeTitle: sell nut shell activated carbon
CountryName: China CompanyName: Gongyi Xianke
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 10-08-12
sell nut shell activated carbon manufacture: Zhengzhou, Henan province, China quotation: 7000RMB/Mt quality: 2-4 mesh; 4-8 mesh, 1.5mm, high quality For more info in detail please contact eng.acti...
TradeTitle: Indonesia Coconut shell Charcoal Provider
CountryName: CompanyName: China
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 10-07-28
we Chinese have a plant in Indonesia, good price, moisture:13%max; ash 3%max   Contact ActiveCarbonNet to get info in detail!
TradeTitle: buy
CountryName: CompanyName: sinoinfo
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 10-07-14
Granular activated carbon,for use in down flow operation ,dea&mea&mea system to adsorb all anion degradation products and efficient in adsorption of dissolved hydrocarbons ,the activated carb...
TradeTitle: Sell Activated Carbon for super capacitor
CountryName: China CompanyName: Fuzhou Yihuan Carbon Co., Ltd
Operate:   ReleaseDate: 10-06-29
  Providing activated carbon for supercapacitors.  Surface area 2500m2/g min., Capacitance with organic solvent: 230F/G, Capacitance with KOH or H2SO4: 300F/G.   
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