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A Program to Produce Coconut Shell based Activate Carbon    12/2/2014 10:45:00 AM    ReadCount:420

The Coconut Development Authority (CDA) has launched a program to produce activated carbon from burnt coconut shells in Bomiriya, Kaduwela. The Coconut Development Ministry revealed that Rs. 9.7 billion in foreign exchange has been earned by exporting activated carbon.
Activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell is considered superior to those obtained from other sources mainly because of small macropores structure which renders it more effective for the adsorption of gas/vapour and for the removal of colour and odour of compounds.
The activated carbon is extensively used in the refining and bleaching of vegetable oils and chemical solutions, water purification, recovery of solvents and other vapours, recovery of gold, in gas masks for protection against toxic gases, in filters for providing adequate protection against war gases/nuclear fall outs, etc.
According to the Ministry, teams will be deployed on contract basis in each Divisional Secretariat Division in the Colombo district to collect coconut shells. An officer from the CDA will supervise the production activities.
Awareness campaigns will be conducted to make people knowledgeable on the importance of this project.