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2013 China Activated Carbon Industry Seminar Successfullly Open    6/28/2013 4:33:00 PM    ReadCount:44861 Jun.2013--The 2013 China Activated Carbon Industry Seminar has been successfully opened in Sanzan Hotel, Nanning, China on 27 June, 2013. Seminar this year has attracted totally 127 representatives from 80 enterprises, including leaders and experts from China Institute of Coal Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Water plants, wood based activated carbon research lab.
In the morning, spekers gave speeches on activated carbons' applications in environmental protection, water treatment and so on. Picture above was taken during the speech period. 
In the afternoon, the organizing committee provided two meeting rooms for wood based (coconut shell) activated carbon and coal based activated carbon attendees separately. 
Wood/coconut shell based activated carbon meeting room
Coal based activated carbon meeting room
Special report on the China Activated Carbon Seminar 2013 please click for reading more.
Organizing committee also provides attendees' roster and designs picture album after the seminar, with a purpose of helping people to recognize each other in the industry. If you need any file relates to the seminar pls email and tell requirements.


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