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Tender awarded for water treatment    11/18/2011 5:11:00 PM    ReadCount:614

The City of Portage la Prairie awarded a tender at Monday's council meeting to Univar Canada Limited to supply granular activated carbon (GAC) to the water treatment plant.
Univar beat out Clear Tech and Dafco Filtration both of which did not meet the tender specifications. Univar's bid was $91,980.00 including GST to supply 30,000 kg of granular activated carbon to deal with taste, odor, and organic matter in our water. The carbon will be added to the already existing filter material.
"It acts sort of like a Brita filter would in your home. It takes out impurities and the life of it really depends on the quality of the river water coming in. This is very good at removing odor and that kind of thing," said Coun. Irvine Ferris.
There was discussion during the council meeting about the lifespan of the carbon.
"When dealing with organic material the life of this is short," said Coun. Irvine Ferris. "It works well however the life varies from time to time again depending on the quality of the river water coming in."
Ferris said the discussion about the lifespan of the carbon is important given the high cost of the project.
"It is (important) because it's a significant cost to the utility users and any time we have a cost that big we're kind of interested in what the future holds and the life of it," said Ferris. "But again it's somewhat unpredictable because it's dependent on the water quality coming in."
The majority of the project will be covered under the budget but there will also be $75,000, which will come out of the Utility Reserve. The tender was based on available budget as well as a quote from a supplier prior to the tender being released.