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Faulty filtration plants cause water shortage    6/25/2010 9:42:00 AM    ReadCount:614

ISLAMABAD: The residents of the federal capital face shortage of potable water, specially during the summer season as many water filtration plants in various sectors are either inoperative or in poor condition.

This situation has forced them to use contaminated drinking water.

The supply of drinking water has become a major problem in the city. The CDA supplies drinking water from ground and surface sources after treatment at the water treatment plants while the major sources are Simply, Khanpur and tube wells.

In the federal capital 35 filtration plants are functioning at present. The CDA has been assigned to provide quality of drinking water to its consumers in accordance with WHO standards and the government programme.

Many filtration plants in various sectors are in poor condition and provide contaminated.

The capacity of each Plant is 1000 gallons per hour. The contract for the construction of these plants phase-I awarded was to a firm M/S Ever Green at total cost of Rs 3.990 million with each plant entailing an expenditure of Rs 0.333 million.

The filtration plants need a regular care and after a certain period of time all their parts have to be replaced.

There are water filters in each filtration plant that should be changed after every three months, while activated carbon filters should be replaced after every six months.

The filtration and purification equipment of some filtration plants having now completed their duration and need upgradation.

Each filtration plant requires an amount of more than Rs150,000 for its repairing and replacement of expired parts.

Plan shelved: According to the source, the CDA shelved plan to install 15 more clean drinking water filtration plants in different parts of rural areas of federal capital, while the civic body has completed survey for the installation in all the 12 UCs and the ministry of initiative would cooperate with the CDA.

These plants would be installed at Humak, Shahzad Town, Margla Town and Bhara Kahu to provide clean drinking water to the residents of the rural areas, but these schemes have not materialized as yet.

A month ago CDA (Water Management) Director General Sanaullah told this news agency, that they were planning to upgrade filtration plants of capital within a short period. He said the project was a joint venture of Pakistan and Italy, under which not only the filtration plants would be upgraded but also the samples of water would be tested to ensure he provision of safe and clean drinking water to the inhabitants.

The DG CDA said the filtration and purification equipment of some filtration plants had completed their functioning period and these would soon be upgraded.

When contacted, several CDA officials declined to comment on the maintenance and upgradation of the faulty and inoperative filtration plants.

The residents of the federal capital have appealed to the authorities to swiftly conduct maintenance work of these plants in order to provide them clean drinking water. app