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Gongyi Dingdong Water Treatment Filter Plant     4/7/2010 3:35:00 PM    ReadCount:4586

Address: No.35 Renmin Road Gongyi Henan Province P.R.C
Post Code:451200
Contact Person: +86-13838088044
Main Products:Anthracite Filtration, activated carbon ,coke filter, fruit shell-based  filter, multidimensional hollow sphere,walnut seed-based filter,polypropylene multidimensional hollow sphere,fruit shell-based carbon,poedered coconut shell-based carbon,cylindrical carbon
Brief Introduction: Gongyi Dingdong Water Treatment Filter Plant is located in Gong County in center of China , whose predecessor was Jiajinkou Xungou plant ,producing filter ,filling and water purification material,governed by Gong County. However, it has been governed by Zhengzhou government since 1984. The county has been severing as the raw material supplier for the famous Zheng Aluminum Plant  for it has been bestowed with rich coal, aluminum mine and other mineral. Thanks to its favorable geography, a lot of plants set down there, including coal-based filter material plants, aluminum plant and so on. Apart from the developed economy and industry, it enjoys an convenient transportation, Zhengzhou  the commercial and provincial capital city to its east , Luoyang ,the ancient capital of China  for 9 dynasties to its west , Yellow River to its north ,Zhongyue Gaoshan Shaolin Temper to its south, with national 310 road crossing it.  There are many scenic sites and cultural heritage, such as Beisong dynasty’s Imperial  Mausoleum, the home town of  excellent poet Du Fu  and Kai Baiwan who was  the famous merchant representative of Henan province, the charming Grottoes of Beiwei Dynasty . Generally speaking, it is a good investment destination for its natural and cultural heritage ,long history , attractive  policies, favorable geography and intelligent people. We have hold the principle for more than 20 years that is providing qualified service to our customer, keeping our word and pursuing mutual benefit . We sincerely welcome our customer or potential customer to contact with us or visit our plant.
Tianjin Office
Address: 602 Room 602, Building 17 , 10 th block of WanXinchun Hedong District Tianjin Province P.R.C.