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Norit:leading in purification

Norit    3/24/2010 10:34:00 AM    ReadCount:1610

The Norit Group develops and applies state-of-the-art purification technologies to help society, through our clients, meet environmental, health, and safety challenges,and work towards a sustainable future. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Norit supplies consumables, components, systems, and solutions, based on proprietary technology to a variety of industries including the water, beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries.

More than 9 percent of the world's population - over half a billion people - already consumes water purified by Norit!

Norit's Clean Process Technologies provide greater process efficiency, longer life cycles, and cost savings ensuring a more sustainable operation. Norit's activated carbon, membranes, pumps, aseptic and hygienic valves, carbon dioxide systems, and quality control equipment rank among the world's best.  Norit offers global coverage with research and development, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in seven countries. A network of dedicated Norit sales and service centers, business partners, and distributors serves customers in more than 150 countries around the world.