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Ningxia Huahui Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd.

Ningxia Huahui    3/24/2010 11:09:00 AM    ReadCount:1524

Over the past 13 years Huahui Company, based in Ningxia in China, has become a modern manufacturing base of activated carbon with an annual production capability of 25 000 tons and eleven years of exporting experience.

The Research and Developing Center of Huahui has been approved and recognized by the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which is the only one among all the activated carbon enterprises all over Ningxia. As leaded by the Research and Developing, Huahui company has combined producing, domestically consuming and exportation business together in a professional way.

Huahui Company has been certified for ISO9001 quality assurance certificate since 1997, ranked the first one in the Chinese activated carbon manufacturers.

Huahui activated carbon can be divided into pellet carbon, pellet crushed granular carbon, impregnated carbon, acid washed carbon, powder carbon and briquette carbon etc, more than six kinds and hundreds specifications, which can be used in desulfurization purpose, solvent recovery, catalyst carrier, water treatment, air purification, all-purpose protection, and high performance absorption carbon, Huahui Brand is the famous brand of Ningxia Hui Autonomous region.

The products properties, based on the advanced micropore development, can satisfy the demand of clients and usage by adjustment of the favorable distribution of mesopore and macropore accordingly. The choice of raw material have beyond the limit of “Taixi” traditionally, and can be completed by the nearly ten kinds of semi bituminous coal, charred coal, bituminous coal from neighboring areas.

The development of Huahui company is contributed to the support of whole society and talent of its staff, Huahui Company is continuously committing to supplying new, high quality products with favorable pricing, and judgmatical service, all we want to do is to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction as much as we can, every kind of .cooperations is much appreciated.
four kinds mainly depend on the different shapes with different requirements such as moisture, density, hardness, ash contain, Iodine etc. Our carbon products, being based on bituminous coal and anthracite, are available in pelletized, granular, powder and extruded special-shaped forms, and are being packaged in 25kg bags or 500kg bags as the way you wanted.