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Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    3/24/2010 11:54:00 AM    ReadCount:2796

Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was found in 1953, which affiliates to China Ordnance Society and is the Chief component of provincial Activated Carbon Trade Association. With annual production capacity of more than 30,000mt, Xinhua’s products covered more than one hundred types that are mainly used in adsorption, water purifying, carriers, solvent recovery, desulfurization, air purifying, etc. Xinhua produces Cylindrical , Powdered ,Crushed, briquetted and ball shape AC and even in  non-conventional shape AC , which are made by different raw materials , such as coal , wood , nutshell , coconut shell . Besides, there are special products used in landfill burn, desulfurization, denitrition and impregnation. The AC, which used in desulfurization and denitrition, is manufactured by China and Japan joint venture, export only.

It provides Beijing waterworks parent corporation , Guangzhou waterworks parent corporation, Hangzhou waterworks parent corporation, Kunming waterworks parent corporation with high quality AC to purify water and service .Its products demonstrate its excellent quality in practical application . Especially, it offered the greatest amount of AC to Songhua River in November, 2005 when the river pollution incident happened. Xinhua has made great contribution to recover water supply and to protect environment and human’s health.